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At present, Shree Birendra Hospital (SBH) is the central hospital of the Nepali Army which has come a long way from just catering the health needs of a target population to the establishment of the medical college, thus endeavoring to be a center of excellence in the fields of patient care, education and research. With the Directorate General of Medical Services (DGMS) as the apex body, SBH is a tertiary level hospital along with the 1 Military Rehabilitation Centre, 2 Field Hospitals, 15 Field Ambulance Companies and Nepali Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS) as the sister educational institute.

Currently, SBH is a 635-bedded hospital with multi-specialty services catering for the medical and health-care needs of the Army personnel, Ex-army personnel and their dependents.

Today, SBH stands proud as a national asset not only providing equality care to its personnel and dependents but also serving the nation as best as it can in times of need such as national disasters.

The hospital along with the field hospital and field ambulances often provide free medical checkup and medicines to the people in the remote areas of the country either in the normal or disaster time.

The hospital provided a huge medical services in the Nepali Army's Campaign of Humanitarian Support in 2072, the year where the 7.8 M magnitude hit the country with the devastating effect. The rescued people from the affected areas were brought to the hospital and provided the medical services.

The hospital has been involved in the post-graduation teaching program of National Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS) and with the recent establishment of Nepal Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS), it is dedicated to produce finest MBBS doctors, Nurses and medical technicians in the country. NAIHS is the sister institute of SBH comprising of College of Nursing (Mahankal, Kathmandu) and College of Medicine (Bhandarkhal, Kathmandu). Read more...

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