Forensic Medicine and Toxicology


The Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology is an independent specialized department in Shree Birendra hospital. This department started functioning in the year 2019. Major Dr. Reshma Karki joined as a Forensic Medicine expert in Shree Birendra hospital. She was the only Forensic Medicine Expert in the whole Nepali Army. She has taken the charge as head of the department since 2019.

This department is actively engaged in undergraduate teaching activities. Though this department is in the primitive stage, only handling routine medico-legal work. Department is providing expert opinion in referred cases from Nepal Police, Military Police, and UNDPKO in claiming the death compensation, many unnatural cases that have occurred within the various units of Nepali Army. This department also provides short-term dead body management training to all health care workers as well as Soldiers of various units of the Nepali army during the COVID crisis. 

The department is planning to set up a clinical Forensic Medicine & Medico-legal postmortem examination in the coming year.


The department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology following services:

1.     Handling routine medico-legal work.

2.     Medico-legal Examination, Documentation, and Evidence Collection in the emergency department.

3.     Expert opinion in referred cases from Nepal Police, UNDPKO.


Specialists                                             Degree                                                         Designation

Major Dr. Reshma Karki                       MD Forensic Medicine                  Head of Department, consultant


Working Schedule

Sunday- Thursday: 09:00hrs-16:00hrs; Friday: 09:00hrs-1400hrs (24 hrs on call)



 Faculty Members

 Faculty                                            Designation                                               Remarks

 Dr Promod Shrestha                       Professor                                                 HOD-NAIHS.COM

 Dr Prakash Chandra Panjiyar         Assistant Professor                                                       

 Major Dr. Reshma Karki                Assistant Professor                                    HOD-SBH               


Head of Department                                                                                                                                                 

Major Dr. Reshma Karki

MD, Forensic Medicine