Department of Central Sterile Services Department

The Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) is the service responsible for receiving, storing, processing, distributing and controlling the professional supplies and equipments(both sterile and non sterile) for all user unit of hospital for the care and safety of the patient under strict quality control.

It is an important facility of hospital that supplies sterile instruments and materials for dressing and procedures carried out in Wards and other departments of the hospital. CSSD has a great role in reducing Hospital Acquired Infection(HAI).

It is a service unit of the hospital responsible for providing guaranteed sterile equipments/instruments to all departments of the hospital.


Normally, the following types of the items are handled by CSSD.

SN Items Remarks
Diagonastic Sets: Lumbar Puncture set, Bone Marrow Aspiration Set  
Treatment Set: Suture set  
Dressing Materials: Normal gauge, Dressing Pad  
OT Supplies  
OT Instruments
  • General Surgery
      • General Surgery Set
      • Laprotomy Set
      • Appendectomy set
      • Herniotomy Set
  •  Orthopedic
      • Ortho bone set
      • Drill Cover Set
  • Anesthesia: Spinal Set
  • Maternity
      • Delivery Set
      • C/S Set
      • D&C Set
  • ENT
      • Septoplasty Set
      • Tracheostomy Set
      • Tonsillectomy Set
      • Myringoplasty Set
      • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Set
  • Eye Set
  • Dental Set
  • Neuro Set
OT Linens
  • Abdominal Sheet
  • Eye Towel
  • Myringoplasty Sheet
  • Trolley Cover
  • 36” Towel
  • White 36” Towel
  • White Eye Towel
  • OT Gauge
  • Tetra (Normal Tetra and Radio Opaque Tetra)
  • OT Gown
  • Abdominal Pad

Working Schedule

CSSD is available 24 hours for all days.