Department of Hygiene and Sanitation

Hospital hygiene is one of the key dimensions of quality of care and patient's satisfaction. Maintenance of hygiene reduces the incidence of hospital acquired infections and length of stay in hospital. Hygiene and Sanitation service in a hospital is entrusted with maintaining a hygienic and clean hospital environment conducive to patient care.

The main objective of Hygiene and Sanitation Department of SBH is to prevent and control hospital acquired infections through environmental cleaning and disinfection and safe health care waste management. Apart from this proper maintenance of hygiene and sanitation is also the responsibility of all health care workers, hospital administration, patient and patient's


  • Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Health Care Waste Management
  • Training
  • Quality control of hygiene and sanitation items
  • Training/Classes
  • SBH
  • Other units





T/Maj Sarita Duwal

Master in Public Health

Head of Department

Kripa Thapa Magar

Bachelor in Public Health

Hygiene Officer

Working Schedule

24 hrs cleaning and disinfection service